Tips for using stroke hemiplegia rehabilitation machine


  Understand the function and operation method of the electric rehabilitation machine, open the product, read the operation manual carefully, understand the basic composition and operation precautions of the electric rehabilitation machine, take good care of the machine, handle it with care, pay attention to safety, and avoid using the rehabilitation machine for apoplexy hemiplegia in humid environment and safe power on.


After long-term understanding, it is found that the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases in China and even in the world is becoming more and more serious, which directly affects the decline of most people's self-care ability. Some people's mobility is becoming more and more inconvenient, and even some people can't afford to stay in bed for a long time. This situation will continue to deteriorate and worsen.

Because the movement is inconvenient, can't exercise, causes the limbs to move less, will slowly muscle atrophy. Before, this kind of situation can only go to the hospital nursing or family to help massage knead, this kind of nursing method is difficult to adhere to for a long time, need special nursing company. The enterprises with rapid economic development not only develop and grow, but also have electric rehabilitation machine training equipment for this kind of people in the market.

Now, most families are small and their children are busy. Professional nurses need to pay a lot of money in the long run. Most families will choose the right electric rehabilitation machine to help them with rehabilitation training. This skill is purely personal experience. If you have any different opinions, please share them.

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