What is intelligent rehabilitation training equipment


      The development of intelligent rehabilitation training equipment and equipment is such a stage, there is no mature rehabilitation aids and equipment, patients can use wood and other materials to make their own; in the second stage, simple walking aids, wheelchairs, artificial limbs and other assistive devices are started.


In the third stage, we began to use simple walking aids, wheelchairs, artificial limbs and other assistive devices. In the fourth stage, we introduced and developed high and new technologies such as stage, physical factor treatment equipment, electric auxiliary device, artificial limb, electric wheelchair, etc. rehabilitation equipment or equipment began to be more humanized design, and began to introduce high-precision motors, high-precision sensors, chips, artificial intelligence algorithms, game software, etc A series of rehabilitation engineering techniques.

China is now in the process of iterative evolution from the third stage to the fourth stage, and the era of intelligent rehabilitation has arrived. Intelligent rehabilitation supports such scenarios. After the patients enter the rehabilitation clinic, their personal information and medical history will be displayed in the information system.

According to his dysfunction, the information system terminal in the therapist's hand will automatically recommend the assessment the patient should make on this day, what kind of treatment can be done, and can also display the treatment results of the last two times, and provide objective and specific data and charts, so as to be clear at a glance. Then, under the confirmation and supervision of the therapist, the rehabilitation robot carries out humanized treatment operation, and the therapist makes up a small part in the high-tech treatment operation.

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