Application stability guarantee of stroke hemiplegia rehabilitation machine


Hemiplegia is a common pathological phenomenon in neurology, which often leads to the lower body not flexible. Therefore, rehabilitation treatment is needed. The existing treatment method is to help patients walk with feet fixed, but some patients have heavy weight and greater stress on the foot. However, hemiplegia patients have poor perception of the lower body, so it is necessary to accurately judge whether the sole of the foot is in a good state Use the rehabilitation machine for stroke hemiplegia.


The rehabilitation machine for Apoplectic Hemiplegia includes a roof plate, on which there are slots for patients to stand, and more than four legs are symmetrically arranged on the left and right sides of the roof plate. The legs are far away from the roof, and one end of the right side of the legs is inclined downward.

The right side of the leg is equipped with double guide wheels, the left side of the leg is fixed at the bottom of the universal guide wheel, the top of the top plate is located in the slot, the lifting device is fixed at the front and rear of the device, the supporting fastening device is arranged at the chest position of the patient, and the fastening device is matched with the lifting device in the groove.

The tension device includes a tension belt, one end of the tension belt is sewn with a plurality of fixed strips, and the fixed strip is sewn with adhesive blocks. The outer surface of the tension belt is provided with viscose wool used with the adhesive block. A plurality of pull rings are fixed at the outer position of the tension belt. The pull ring is equipped with a pull rope, and the end of the rope is far away from the pull ring and is sheathed in the constraint groove.

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