Function of upper limb rehabilitation machine with both left and right hands


 A large number of studies have shown that rehabilitation training can improve more than half of the limb motor dysfunction to a certain extent, and the upper limb rehabilitation machine is an important means to reduce the pain of patients and gradually restore the ability of self-care and motor function. Therefore, we design a kind of rehabilitation training that can help the disabled arm to exercise muscles and nerve function, and realize the rehabilitation training of arm joints and muscle groups The machine system of practice is of great significance.


It is characterized in that it includes height adjusting column, shoulder adjusting mechanism, shoulder joint movement unit, arm length adjusting mechanism, elbow joint movement unit, forearm length adjusting mechanism and wrist joint movement unit.

The bottom of the height adjustable column is equipped with wheels, and the shoulder adjusting mechanism includes a slide rail, a slide rail mounting plate, a sliding fixed plate, a hand wheel and a shoulder mounting frame. The slide rail mounting plate is fixed on the top of the height adjusting column, and the slide rail is fixed on the slide rail.

On the slide plate, the sliding block is installed on the slide rail, the hollow shoulder mounting bracket is connected with the sliding block through the sliding block fixing plate, the bearing seat limiting the position of the sliding block is installed on both sides of the slide rail mounting plate and the middle of the sliding block, and there is a threaded hole in the fixed plate, and the middle of the lead screw passes through the threaded hole of the sliding block fixing plate to cooperate with it.

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