The reason why the upper limb rehabilitation machine is popular


The injury caused by stroke, head injury or spinal cord surgery usually leads to the impairment of motor function of multiple muscle groups in patients. The theory of nerve remodeling proves that repeated exercise and rehabilitation training can restore part or most of the motor function. Next, I will introduce the reasons why the upper limb rehabilitation machine is popular among the big families.


The utility model provides an upper limb rehabilitation machine, which includes: the lifting spindle can move vertically up and down and rotate around the central line of the main shaft, the lifting spindle is vertical to the horizontal plane, the horizontally retractable telescopic arm is vertically connected with the lifting spindle, for example, the telescopic arm moves in the telescopic arm bracket, and the telescopic arm bracket is connected with the lifting spindle.

The armrest device which can rotate in the horizontal plane is hinged on the telescopic arm. In addition, the upper limb rehabilitation machine is connected with the lifting spindle 24 and drives the lifting motor which moves vertically up and down. The rotating motor is connected to the lifting spindle and drives the lifting spindle to rotate.

The upper limb rehabilitation machine also includes a multi-dimensional force sensor connected to the telescopic arm, a base supporting the lifting mandrel, a shell surrounding the base and connected with the base, and a caster wheel is arranged at the bottom of the shell.

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