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Passive training means that the user's upper or lower limbs are driven by the training device to do circular motion. The speed of circular motion can be set according to the user's comfort level, and the adjustment range is from 10R / min to 90r / min. Ac

Intelligent antispasmodic system this product uses the German intelligent spasticity protection system, combined with the new technology developed by the elite scientific research team, in terms of performance and utility, it is at the top level. Our outs

Closed eyes and lying down can also enjoy the training, which avoids the trouble of bending down to see the screen, and effectively avoids the trouble of not seeing the screen when lying down. Get real-time sports information, warm encouragement in the pr

In terms of speed and resistance gear, according to the actual situation of patients, the speed of 17 and the resistance of 12 can be adjusted freely, so as to keep away from the secondary injury caused by large impact force, eliminate potential safety ha


  Wuhu Tianren Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, which integrates the research and development, production, sales and service of rehabilitation medical equipment and fitness equipment. The company is also a "high-tech enterprise".

  Adhering to the concept of "taking the road of scientific and technological innovation and creating a national independent brand", the company has set up a research and development team composed of experts from national universities and tertiary hospitals. It has more than 40 inventions, more than 50 utility model inventions, and 1 in the United States.

  With the tenet of "morality, innovation, focus and people", the company develops multifunctional, personalized and intelligent rehabilitation and fitness equipment according to the sports requirements of different groups and different training stages, so as to improve the health level, improve the quality of life and realize our solemn commitment to the society

  "Qixiang" brand rehabilitation equipment products - "BMW" in sports rehabilitation!

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Professional technology and quality assurance

Intelligent lower limb rehabilitation training evaluation system
Intelligent upper limb rehabilitation training evaluation system for lying posture
Training evaluation system of intelligent upper and lower limbs
Qixiang intelligent rehabilitation · core technology

Fine tuning algorithm of advanced intelligent control technology

Product technology advantages

Advanced intelligent control technology: the professional rehabilitation program is engraved in the "core", and the rehabilitation training mode is automatically determined according to the patient's muscle strength. The three modes of active, passive and

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High quality R & D team, contact with many universities

Hefei Polytechnic University

Wuhu Tianren Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. and Hefei University of technology, Anhui province's famous top three hospitals, etc. have established the industry university research collaborative innovation strategic alliance, and established the sports re

Famous top three hospitals in Anhui Province

Wuhu Tianren Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. has established the industry university research collaborative innovation strategic alliance with the famous top three hospitals in Anhui Province, and established the sports rehabilitation equipment technology

High quality R & D team

We have a group of high-quality R & D team with master's degree or above. Our team is specialized in mechanical engineering, electronic information, rehabilitation medicine, control engineering, computer and other disciplines, which provides guarantee for

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